Private Mediplus Medical Center

About Us

Your health is precious to us!
Private Mediplus Medical Center

Our Private Mediplus Medical Center started its service on 16.12.2006 with the participation of the Mayor of Küçükçekmece, Mr. Aziz Yeniay, on 16.12.2006 with our staff who have strong communication, organization and coordination skills, foreign language skills, knowledge of the health sector, medical documentation and computer knowledge, and who fulfill their work in accordance with our principle of “Smiling Face in Health” in today’s rapidly developing health sector. In 2008, our medical center doubled its current usage area in order to meet our needs in parallel with the need for expansion of our ever-increasing service.

In 2012, it continues its services in a new facility with an area of 1500m2 in Beylikduzu in order to meet the growing need in the field of health with a growing population density. As of May 2014, in order to meet the need for an advanced medical center with operating room, imaging and today’s technologies in order to comply with the classifications arising with the change of the Ministry of Health’s private hospitals regulation and to meet the need for an advanced medical center with operating room, imaging and today’s technologies, it will transition to our Class A Surgical Medical Center with 2200m2 closed area, green area, parking lot, cafeteria service, which is under construction in Esenyurt.

Mediplus Medical Center, which does not compromise on ethical and scientific rules and respects people, serves with all units from diagnosis to treatment with its distinguished specialist doctors.

Equipped with modern medical equipment, our center is at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with its smiling, knowledgeable staff, which is our vision in health.

In our Medical Center, all our branch rooms are connected to each other with a computer system. Our doctors can see all the files and results of our patients on their computers and can access this information remotely when necessary.

We, who are fully committed to patient rights and medical ethics, will always be with you with our smiling face and devoted work in health…

Our polyclinics are structured in such a way that we can be with you whenever you need us 24/7.

Mission and Vision

As Mediplus Medical Center, our mission that directs our service understanding in order to reach the best;

Our mission is to prioritize patient and staff satisfaction by adhering to medical ethical values, respecting the rights of patients, providing our services, including preventive health studies in the process of diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment applications, to our people with our meticulous, qualified and expert staff under the highest quality and economical conditions using the latest medical technology and equipment;

To make Mediplus Medical Center a model hospital that provides all health services at international standards, effectively, efficiently and sustainably, and where patient and staff satisfaction reaches perfection.

To make Mediplus Medical Center a health institution that is exemplary with its medical practices and technology using modern methods, meets the expectations of the society and all the health needs of our patients and is primarily preferred with these features.